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News: ‘I Dream Of Wires’ Documentary Premieres In Berlin

From Toronto-based film director Robert Fantinatto arrives a pioneering new documentary charting the rise, fall and resurgence of the modular synthesizer. ‘I Dream Of Wires’ documents in meticulous and diligent fashion a largely esoteric realm of… Continue reading

Dana Ruh – Yardang EP [BQD]

“We want to show that there is more than a trend” reads part of Brouqade Recordings‘s maxim. It would seem that label co-founder Dana Ruh has very much succeeded with her latest release on the… Continue reading

‘Smoke. Lights. Sound’ – Berghain Klubnacht 10 – Event Review [13.12.14]

A lot can happen in 10 years… Over the past decade countless artists, record labels, venues, have all been and gone; such is the transience of this world. However there are others, a… Continue reading


Stroboscopic Artefact‘s preeminent Monad Series released its latest masterpiece (Monad XVII) just over a week ago. Produced by the Irish-born Eomac, the four-track EP is a hugely evocative montage that portrays a distant dystopian future, wrought with an impending… Continue reading

Interview: Noa. [LOCO]

  Ross Muir is an exciting young musician and all-out creative entity based in Leeds currently working on a number of projects. Defying the conventional educational route, the path that Muir has taken… Continue reading

In Focus: Nils Frahm

There’s a wonderful sweet-spot between the ostensibly austere realm of “Classical” music and that of the accessible, formulaic charts of Pop. This little alcove of sweetness is made ever sweeter by the subtle… Continue reading

DJ Red – Eyes Are Blind EP [BPC]

The currently male-dominated industry sees only a mere handful of recognised female artists currently operating in the scene. This is slowly but surely changing with the rise of female talent grappling their way… Continue reading

Tresor, Berlin: Baptism by Bass, A Foreign Affair

(two mixes for you, the first is Juan Atkin’s FACT mix, typically varied and looser than a straight-up techno mix. Dasha Rush’s mix is more accurately representative of what was played on the… Continue reading

Deep, Dark, Deutschland

Germany classed as being the centre of the world for techno and tech-house is nothing short of a truism that seems to be re-iterated time and time again. Berlin is becoming an increasingly popular tourist… Continue reading

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