Interview: AnD – Kundalini EP [EDLX]

  When we think of Manchester, what usually first comes to mind is rain, Oasis, a bygone industrial-era city, and more rain… But really, what was lost was a city that was once… Continue reading

Max Cooper – Human [FIELDS]

Max Cooper is a name that is becoming increasingly familiar in today’s┬ámusical landscape. The prolific artist┬áhas built great success upon numerous remixes (most notably of Nils Frahm) and original compositions, and has garnered… Continue reading

Lucy – Churches, Schools And Guns [SA]

There are certain points in an artist’s career that loom as perennial landmarks, self-evaluating checkpoints that creative worth is measured against. The sophomore album-length is one such landmark. Whether it’s trying to break… Continue reading

In Focus: Nils Frahm

There’s a wonderful sweet-spot between the ostensibly austere realm of “Classical” music and that of the accessible, formulaic charts of Pop. This little alcove of sweetness is made ever sweeter by the subtle… Continue reading

DJ Red – Eyes Are Blind EP [BPC]

The currently male-dominated industry sees only a mere handful of recognised female artists currently operating in the scene. This is slowly but surely changing with the rise of female talent grappling their way… Continue reading

Electric Deluxe announce #100 Limited release

Electric Deluxe have been sculpting the electronic landscape for half a decade now, with their liberal approach to the multifaceted realm of techno. The label and it’s associated artists are continuing to push… Continue reading

Review: Troupe – 8.11.13

Arguably the biggest party Troupe has thrown this year, headline DJs MK, Josh Butler and Chesus were guaranteed to pull in a well-hyped crowd. An excursion to the historical Electric Brixton venue on… Continue reading

Sawlin & Subjected – Foreign Awake Pt.1 [EDLX]

The elusive and quietly reserved duo Sawlin & Subjected present us their latest offering. Dropping today (October 28th) the Foreign Awake EP lifts us firmly into Autumn, the Summer season already smearing into… Continue reading

Review: Troupe – 4.11.13

Troupe have been a staple of the London nightlife circuit for some time now. Still on the rise, the label-run night has brought through it’s doors some of the finest bookings. This year… Continue reading

In Focus: Giorgio Gigli [ZOOLOFT/EDLX]

From underneath the sub-scape of electronic utterings and ethereal drones emerges the portal to transcendence, a world void of rigid form and defined lines, faces, ideas – Pensive gazes into the subconscious abyss… Continue reading

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