New Grooves: Hijinkx – What I Feel For You EP [FL]

For the last couple of decades Leeds has been at the cutting edge of electronic music; perhaps somewhat unassuming, the city is a Northern enclave seemingly accessible only to the initiated, boasting a devout… Continue reading

Experience: Tesselate 1st Birthday

There are few cities such as London that can boast such a diverse ecosystem of arts-music-entertainment. The rapidly changing environment has, on the whole,  kept things fresh and moving (but that isn’t to… Continue reading

Elevated Mix Series 002 – Concrete Records [CNC]

  EMS002 arrives from Rome-based imprint Concrete Records. The collective deliver an 80 minute mix of dark, bass-heavy flavours hand-picked from the label’s catalogue (including some forthcoming tracks). The mix showcases the provocative… Continue reading

Label Feature: Concrete Records [CNC]

One could say that techno is a global phenomenon that resides predominantly in two homes: Detroit and Berlin. Yet, this adage is quickly dissolving before our eyes. Music migrates, scenes develop, cultures merge… Continue reading

Experience: Derelicht 04 – Agency + Label Launch

Music has always been a point of convergence, a point of connection, a point of understanding. It has been the centre piece for many a social gathering and continues to be a salient feature… Continue reading

Interview: Gavin Mee [DERELICHT]

. We interviewed Gavin Mee, director and A&R head of Suffolk-based events brand Derelicht ahead of their label and agency launch this weekend. Derelicht 04 features on the first edition of our Experience series on Elevated Culture, and is… Continue reading

Divergent Ways – First Light Part One EP [DW]

“A quest towards convergence in divergence.  Paraenesis for obstinacy, trueness and integrity”   (Check out our interview with Divergent Ways here) A new, mysterious collective has emerged from the depths of the Parisian… Continue reading

Interview: Divergent Ways [DW]

. In light of the completion of their first EP, released on self-titled music label Divergent Ways, the French duo were kind enough to speak to us about art, impression, and techno. The new… Continue reading

Elevated Mix Series : 001 — Noa. [LOCO]

    To inaugurate the Elevated Mix Series we have Leeds-based artist Noa., taking us through 64 minutes of the deeper, spacier regions of House and Techno. The mix is an exercise in the story-telling narrative… Continue reading

Interview: Noa. [LOCO]

  Ross Muir is an exciting young musician and all-out creative entity based in Leeds currently working on a number of projects. Defying the conventional educational route, the path that Muir has taken… Continue reading

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