DLSK – Can You Get That Together [GROWIN]


One of Leipzig’s most talented and long-running dance producers, Daniel Stefanik, aka DLSK, appears on nascent Berlin label Growin Music for a three-tracker entitled Can You Get That Together. 

Stefanik has a tight, and peculiar style, that sits on the deeper side of the spectrum. His EP for Growin here primes itself on a tech-heavy framework that features attentive work in the arrangement and catchy (though never distasteful) hooks.

Title track, Can You Get That Together, shuffles purposefully on, with aquatic background details and panned voice loops. Before long the listener is plunged into a hazy trance, underpinned by the repeated bassline and frequent distortions that break out into the mix.  The track builds subtly, and the time invested in waiting pays off when the hats make it into the fray. Everything comes together for the final section, in which soothing pads bring to completion this stunning auditory reverie.

There Never Was A Day rides on a similar tip, though more direct and driving. Skipping percussion and a more prominent groove jack along in tandem with an ear-worm synth hook. Similarly atmospheric to the opener, there’s something powerfully enticing about Stefanik’s writing. Once again, his experience comes to the surface when acknowledging his aptitude for track structure.

B2’s Drown In My Own Tears takes a somewhat unexpected turn into a wallowing bed of ambient-IDM. The track seems to extricate an underlying melancholy that was present but until now invisible in the previous two tracks. Perhaps the unassuming masterpiece of this EP, Drown In My Own Tears sways solitarily across cold soundscapes, drowning in its own isolation. Hugely emotive and wonderfully executed, it’s case in point of Stefanik’s consumate skill as a producer and musician. Once again, another excellent release on Growin.

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