News: Infrastructure New York preps new ‘Facticity’ Compilation

Function and Inland’s Infrastructure New York imprint have announced the forthcoming release of their Facticity compilation – a substantial 4 x 12″ collection of music showcasing an impressive array of talent, both old and new.

Following almost ten years of dormancy, the label reawoke with a slew of releases in 2014, including the well-received collaboration between label founders Dave Sumner and Ed Davenport, Odeon, and the first of multiple reissues of Function’s Synewave material.

The compilation, set to be released on the 3rd June, seeks to reestablish the foundations of what Infrastructure stands for, a manifesto for 2016 and beyond. Featuring on the compilation is a formidable list including Cassegrain & Tin Man, Rrose, Vatican Shadow, Silent Servant, Cleric, Efdemin, as well as Function and Inland themselves.

Efdemin Press Pic


Continuing the label’s ethos for supporting up-and-coming artists, the compilation’s artwork has been submitted by British fine-artist Robert McNally – already under the radar of such high-profile entities as The Flower gallery and Damien Hirst.


A1 / 1. Campbell Irvine – Dislocation Is Only The Beginning
A2 / 2. Vatican Shadow – Swords Over Paradise
B1 / 3. Rrose – Cephalon
B2 / 4. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Polyacid Blue
C1 / 5. Inland – Acidalia
C2 / 6. Post Scriptum – ISDAT
D1 / 7. Steve Bicknell – Passage Through Darkness
D2 / 8. Cleric – Concrete
E1 / 9. Blue Hour – Averting
E2 / 10. Function – Low Lights & Trick Mirrors
F1 / 11. Efdemin – Kassiber
F2 / 12. Post Scriptum – Donbelief
G / 13. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Open Sea
H1 / 14. Function/Inland – Colwyn Bay
H2 / 15. Silent Servant – End / Optimism


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