News: Dino Sabatini preps next LP ‘Omonimo’

OutisOpera001LP Artwork 1 (Front) low-res

Rising Italian producer-DJ Dino Sabatini will be releasing his second album via his own imprint Outis later this Spring (April 8th). A key player in Italy’s rejuvinated techno scene, Sabatini has helped cornerstone the country’s signature sound through his own high-quality label, as well as releases elsewhere on Prologue and Motoguzzi. Notable collaborations include his native peers, Giorgio Gigli and Donato Dozzy.

Hypnotic and ethereal, Sabatini’s sound draws on a dark and subtly exotic aesthetic. It’s been three years since his debut LP on Prologue, ‘Shaman’s Paths’, so we can undoubtedly anticipate the next iterations in his artistic development with this new release.

The new album, titled ‘Omonimo’, will be released as a double 12″, as well as being available on digital and CD (mixed). With Omonimo, Sabatini has decided to inaugurate a new label series called ‘Opera’, which seeks to create timeless music that is free of boundaries or schemes. The manifesto for the Opera series is suggestive of the angle and direction in which Sabatini has taken for this album, and marks a new chapter in the Outis story.

Below is a teaser video for the album, and a complete tracklist.


A1 / 1 Foreword
A2 / 2 Choosing the Right Way
A3 / 3 It’s My Forest
B1 / 4 Follow Me
B2 / 5 The Unexpected
B3 / 6 Just When I Think About You
C1 / 7 Sometimes Back
C2 / 8 The Untold Story
C3 / 9 Homeward
D1 / 10 If (feat. Antonello Salis)
D2 / 11 Summary
D3 / 12 And it All Ends Here (feat. Antonello Salis)

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