News: ‘I Dream Of Wires’ Documentary Premieres In Berlin

IDOW DVD (low res)

From Toronto-based film director Robert Fantinatto arrives a pioneering new documentary charting the rise, fall and resurgence of the modular synthesizer. ‘I Dream Of Wires’ documents in meticulous and diligent fashion a largely esoteric realm of electronic music. Despite their relative inaccessibility (with typical price tags ranging in the tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the initially overwhelming user interface) surprisingly little is commonly known about these instruments and their histories.

A new-age retroism has recently manifested in a number of ways in our modern culture, and a prevalent instance of this can be seen in electronic music. An ever expanding group of musicians are choosing to shun digital technology in favour of these analogue machines. It was also announced earlier this year the launch of a synthesizer-focussed label, TipTop Audio, recruiting respected artists onto their roster that include John TejadaSurgeon, KiNK, and Blawan (who also launched his own label Ternesc earlier this year to use as a platform for his own machine-driven music). Additionally, Freerotation founders Steevio & Suzi B have been spearheading the resurgence of modular synthesizers as they continue to populate an exponential number of techno and electronic arts programmes with their impressive modular set-ups – often visually enrapturing and spatially dominative. The undeniable rebirth of the modular synthesizer in our digitally integrated lives is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed and this documentary takes viewers on a journey through this vibrant history.

‘I Dream Of Wires’ draws on over 100 different interviews, including the likes of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Morton Subotnick, Carl Craig, Legowelt, and Vince Clarke (Erasure). Through this vibrant retelling, the history of electronic music is also mapped and a holistic understanding is painting through the many lenses that helped to construct this enduring movement.

The documentary will be premiered in Berlin on the 28th July, followed by a live performance from the legendary Morton Subotnick (founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center and an influential figure in the development of the Buchla modular synth). The film will be introduced to the audience by director Fantinatto and along with Subotnick will also be available for a post-screening Q&A.

Limited tickets still remain which can be found on the: facebook event. Below you can watch the official trailer: