News: Cio D’or Preps New 3-Part Album

Cio D´Or Press Pic 1

Cologne-based DJ and producer Cio D’or has announced plans for a three-part album, to be released on Madrid’s esteemed Semantica imprint. Having had releases on Prologue, Traum Schallplatten‘s Telrae and the Swedish label Motoguzzi, D’or’s international reputation as a unique and capable producer has been steadily rising. A recent appearance at London’s Dance Tunnel not only put an end to a self imposed hiatus from DJing, but also re-instated her presence in the UK as one to look out for in 2015 and beyond.

The first chapter in the series, entitled ‘All In All’, will be a double 12″ consisting of two parts: ‘After and Before’ and ‘Floor X’, and will be released on the 13th of April. The second chapter is a four track EP entitled ‘Yocta to Yotta’, and will be released on the 18th May (including a complete CD release). Following these two chapters will be a remix EP, as well as a special edition CD comprised solely of the ambient sounds that were recorded in the making of the album – plus some extras.

The magnitude of this release reflects the deep consideration and artistic vision that Cio D’or is known for, and promises to be a treat for fans old and new.

Below is Cio D’or’s hugely atmospheric set from Dommune and the full tracklisting.


after and before

A1. after and before
A2. tomorrow was yesterday
B1. now and then
B2. now is ever

floor x

C2. XI
D1. XXXXIIII for Mike

yocta to yotta

A1. hecto
A2. yotta
B1. yocta
B2. zepto