News: Oscar Mulero Announces Forthcoming ‘Muscle And Mind’ LP, inc. Remixes

Oscar Mulero Press Pic_Javier Bejarana

Spanish stalwart Oscar Mulero recently announced the forthcoming release of his new album, entitled ‘Muscle and Mind’. The double LP will be his fourth studio album and will be released on Warm Up Recordings‘ sister label Pole Group.

The conceptual discourse behind the album’s namesake explores “the reflection of mental states in the body, the genesis of emotions where body and mind are managed by the sense of hearing”; a captivating and universal subject matter that continues to be explored extensively by artists.

Following on from recent releases such as the ‘Electric Storm’ and Vertigo EPs, what we can undoubtedly expect from Mulero this year will be more quality.

‘Muscle and Mind’ will be preceded by a five-track EP, called ‘Dualistic Concept’. In addition to an original track, ‘Stimulated Reflex’, the EP will include remixes from SHXCXCHCXSH, Stanislav Tolkachev, and Mulero himself. Since SHXCXCHCXSH’s phenomenal sophomore album Linear S Decoded (on Avian), the Swedish duo have been moving from strength to strength, and a remix of Mulero promises to be a powerful combination. Tolkachev on the other hand has been quietly building a cult-like following upon releases such as Sometimes Everything Is Wrong and Yes, Today, his typically dark and poignant sound is unique and refined, and will conceivably work wonders with Mulero.

‘Dualistic Concept’ will be released on the 23rd of March, followed by ‘Muscle and Mind’ on 20th April. Don’t sleep.

View the teaser trailer below:


2 x LP:
A1 / Mind-Body Interaction
A2 / Dualistic Concept
B1 / Anatomical Variation
B2 / Mentally Induced Action
C1 / Interrelated
C2 / 201 Element
D1 / Muscle and Mind
D2 / Unconscious
CD1: Muscle and Mind
01 / Mind-Body Interaction
02 / Dualistic Concept
03 / Involuntary Response
04 / Anatomical Variation
05 / Mentally Induced Action
06 / Interrelated
07 / Mindful Body
08 / 201 Element
09 / Mechanical Function
10 / Muscle and Mind
11 / Mental Causation
12 / Unconscious
CD2: Dualistic Concept
01 / Stimulated Reflex
02 / Mechanical Function – Hypnotic Edit
03 / Muscle and Mind – SHXCXCHCXSH Remix
04 / Mentally Induced Action – Stanislav Tolkachev Remix
05 / Stimulated Reflex – Stanislav Tolkachev Remix