The Gods Planet (Claudio PRC & Ness – Extra 001 [TGP]

The Gods Planet label co-founders Claudio Porceddu and Andrea Deplano (aka Claudio PRC and Ness respectively) bring to you the first edition of the ‘Extra’ series. Here they offer a split EP as individual halves of their eponymous The Gods Planet music project. Claudio PRC continues his journey as a developing producer, having released numerous records (including a full-length album, ‘Inner State’) on the inimitable Prologue imprint. Similarly, Ness has been carving a sound of his own, releasing on esteemed labels such as Aconito and M_Rec as well as the aforementioned Prologue. The Gods Planet, alongside many other exciting initiatives, have been spearheading a movement in Italy that is both sophisticated and formidable, and one that the rest of the world is slowly waking up to.

Released last month (September 29th), the ‘Extra 001’ EP is a truly beautiful two-track that really goes in deep, showcasing the two artists’ individual sounds.


Claudio Porceddu / Claudio PRC

Claudio PRC opens with ‘Typha’, a stunning eight-and-a-half-minute trip into the deep subconscious wilderness. The track begins in a somewhat misleading way; the solitary thud of the kick acts as precedent to something more confronting, yet our preconceptions are quickly dispelled as underlying pads move inadvertently into existence. While the pads form a hauntingly serene panorama, side-chained static fills the space in between the kick drum, mimicking the pulsating ebb of its textural counterpart. (It is interesting to note the relatively high bpm considering how tranquil this track is). A shaker wanders nonchalantly into the mix; Porceddu has been careful not to quantise this, adding a loose, sauntering feel to the track. The track glides through the mist unhindered, the absence of heavily rhythmic or percussive figures unchaining the piece from mechanical restraint.

Embellishments make their way into the delicate tapestry, light rattling and hissing skitter beneath, like rolling grains of sand, swept and folded in the wind. Some element of a bass-line growls almost imperceptibly, its presence just barely felt. Such an incredible atmosphere is created here with the wonderful sound programming, including the ripple of wide-panned rainmakers, trickling into the bottomless nothingness.

The ambience of the track transcends the trivialised beat of every-day life; it looks penetratingly deeper, in the most aloof, understated way. Long, arching melodic lines cascade gently, while subtle purrs pan across (quite possibly field recordings of helicopters?), adding something a little more tangible to our dreamful state. Looking upwards into the endless expanse of blue, it feels as if this day could last an eternity…

Similarly hypnotic, Ness’s offering provides something more pressing; ‘Carex’ perfectly complements the opening track, building on the atmospheric, fathomless flight of ‘Typha’ and its well-crafted textures and sound design.


Andrea Deplano / Ness

‘Carex’ is at once more imposing; similarly to the A-side, it opens with a solitary kick drum, though tighter and more focused, aided by a firm and rooted bass-line. After two introductory sections, a clearer, more assertive off-beat hat-shaker combination pushes the track forward with an added vigour, while the appearance of a double-time clap makes everything immediately more danceable; emphatic chords bring to the fore the previously underlying angst, utilising the same rhythm as the introductory bass-line. The accompanying clangs that echo at the end of each cycle add a lovely decayed dub influence, while providing more structural assistance at the turn of every four-bar sequence. Stylistically the track melds into an incredibly refined blend of deep, progressive house and dub-techno.

After a hypnotic five minutes the track begins to break-down, dropping out the kick momentarily, while the incredibly addictive chord motif continues to add impetus and pathos. Towards the end of the track the chords are subdued as higher harmonies are subtracted from the mix, leaving the drum loop to continue its course. There is a tension here that is carried right until the end, and the accompanying strings bring an atmospheric, cinematic quality to the mix.

‘Carex’ is much less foreboding compared to previous releases like 2009’s ‘Acid Signal’ (on Synewave), and other noir-styled records such as the ‘Diagnostic Federation’ 12″ (Prologue) and the ‘Rigil Kent’ EP (M_Rec). Not only is this representative of Deplano’s artistic variance and ear for style, but also further establishes The Gods Planet’s polished ambient sound within the flourishing Italian scene.

The Gods Planet’s ‘Extra 001’ is an excellent short-play; dubby yet very refined, minimal yet so expansive. The music is pure, free of any unnecessary embellishments, making it a solid release for the two Italians. Let’s hope ‘Extra 002’ will be on its way very shortly…

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