Experience: Derelicht 04 – Agency + Label Launch


Music has always been a point of convergence, a point of connection, a point of understanding. It has been the centre piece for many a social gathering and continues to be a salient feature in the way we socialise and interact as a society (in fact, one could say it is becoming ever more crucial as our physical social interactions are in constant exchange and barter of virtual communication technologies). However, in many places this idea seems to have been lost in the modern day, a time plagued with dated capitalist ideologies and warped, grossly misguided perceptions of reality. Grand statements and superfluous abstractions may seem unnecessary and pretentious, but are in fact entirely relevant here. Filtered through the intricate fabrics of the social landscape, we arrive today where the club is only concerned with red tape, ticket sales and bar takings. What we once thought of as an “underground” scene has propagated into a vast, yet normalised and sedated commercial machine. It is no surprise that these physical and sociological ramifications have had their influence over the other essential component to this paradigm: creative, musical output. Tragically yet entirely inevitable, House music has suffered most from this and has fallen victim to a homogenised social process, it becomes ever more difficult to resist the pull of trends or fads, and we have collectively descended into bi-polar, nervous wrecks consumed by paranoia and the minute to minute movements of our contemporary peers. This is definitely not say that there is no good music and there are no good parties. Far from it. Yes, when considering the UK, venues are pulling in the world’s top acts and we can finally concede that club sound systems are improving. But really, it is as if carbon copies of line-up bills are being handed out for events to regurgitate the same predictable set lists; moreover, what’s truly not there, is the mentality – perhaps the most fundamental, most essential factor. Until we realise this, things will keep moving back. The current situation we find ourselves in is one where localised scenes are barely existent, and recent changes in media, marketing, and technology have had an irreversible and unprecedented impact on the way the industry operates.


Not all is lost. Fresh, new initiatives, admittedly few and far between, have been leading the charge to break free from this, let’s admit it, uneasy era of clubbing. Carving a path of their own, Derelicht have been putting on unique clubbing events for just over a year now and are raising the bar for how a live music event should be experienced.  Working tirelessly to deliver nothing less than an immersive experience, the all-round events company puts precedence on three significant factors: venue space, music content, and visual content. The three combine to create a multi-sensory experience that aspires to captivate its audience beyond words. Having held a number of successful parties last year, including a former RAF hangar, RAF Brentwaters (pictured above), the organisation are stepping it up for this year.

Their next event will take place on the 24th of May at the intimate setting of St Peter’s church in Ipswich. Capped at a 250 capacity, the day-night event will prove to be a tête-à-tête affair. The wonderfully curated line-up of artists includes a mammoth six hour set from one of Britain’s most exciting techno acts South London Ordnance. The “extended set” is a label promoters willingly throw around at the mention of anything longer than ninety minutes, but Derelicht will take liberty of the art form that seems to be coming back in vogue and facilitate a fully developed, fully progressive set. Last Night On Earth affiliated DJ-Producer Thermal Bear will close the proceedings with a three hour set, concluding Derelicht 04 at the chime of midnight. Additionally, we have performances from Arrows Down, who will open the twelve-hour long event with a live set, and Derelicht’s own The Soft. If this wasn’t enough to whet the appetite, in true Derelicht fashion, all performances will be accompanied by stunning visual art performances from Derelicht’s own A/V camp. Visuals will be delivered by Liam Roberts, Joe Catchpole, and William Glass. This one is not to be missed.

Check out our interview with Derelicht boss Gavin Mee here.

Derelicht Agency + Label LaunchD04 FINAL HI

24th May

South London Ordnance // The Soft // ThermalBear

Special Guest = Arrows Down

Visuals by Liam Roberts // Joe Catchpole // William Glass

St Peters Church, Ipswich

RA Tickets – http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?562747