Electric Deluxe announce #100 Limited release

Speedy J

Electric Deluxe have been sculpting the electronic landscape for half a decade now, with their liberal approach to the multifaceted realm of techno. The label and it’s associated artists are continuing to push boundaries, with often unique and provoking pieces and an equally, if not more so, illustrious podcast series.

To celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast the label are offering a limited, hand-stamped run of a triple vinyl release consisting of 8 unnamed tracks, sampled from somewhere among the first 99 episodes. Curated by label-head Speedy J himself, the album aims to capture a select few special moments from the series and seamlessly thread them together to create a new collage of musical moments. The concept here is an excellent one, in which the purpose of the release is to celebrate the music as substance itself, void of ownership or named design; a coherent and expressive voice taken from the ether. A wonderful sense of unknowing is presented with this release, made all the more significant in that the answers are all there, somewhere, but simply lost in the depths of the EDLX anthology; all the more relevant too, in the data-rich era of vast and immediate knowledge that we live in today…

Electric Deluxe aim to give back something physical, something “tactile, collectible”, to their fiercely loyal fan-base that can suitably celebrate what the podcast has stood for over the years and what it will continue to strive for. This album is limited to a run of just 300 physical copies, so be sure to get yourself sorted before the release date on Monday 2nd December (next week).

#100 Press LTD

The bi-monthly podcast series began in 2009 and since then has never missed a date; the rapid aggregation of material has left us with an immensely diverse body of music, a collection of lengthy artist impressions covering a pretty extensive scope of sound. Guest mixers have been encouraged, no, implored, to come up with something unique, something a bit daring and creative, probing “deep into their record collections and personal tastes to dig out the most profound, revealing, and occasionally surprising tracklist conceivable”. This has allowed artists to show a side of them that is not necessarily always reflected in the music they produce or play out to crowds, and is a great demonstration of how diverse their tastes and preferences can be, despite churning out, for example, purely hard acid techno, on a regular basis. Examples of the diversity of this series can be seen in the recent episode #105 from Lakker (who just released a brilliant EP out on Stroboscopic Artefacts)- two whole hours of relentless, post-apocalyptic German death and heavy metal, mixed in with touches of challenging hard-style gritty techno. Another is Subjected‘s episode #093 (who also put out a three track EP just a couple of weeks ago with long-time collaborator Ronnie Sawlin on Electric Deluxe), a personal favourite of mine that takes us on a really beautiful journey of emotive instrumental music and the subtler sides of the electronic spectrum, similarly touching is Giorgio Gigli‘s episode #044 (featured above) which takes you through almost two hours of warm, ethereal haze and spacious sonic corners.  Having operated so tirelessly in the 4×4 framework of techno it’s interesting to see so much beat-less music in the series (though one could say this is an underlying, inherent constituent for techno – and any genre in fact). Some podcasts aim to accompany you on chilled evenings for quiet contemplative listening, such as those from Frank Haag, Gary Beck, and Truss (numbers 088, 089 and 066 respectively), and others are your portal into the more obscure, restlessly schizophrenic shades of techno and glitch, or simply great straight-up techno – such as #060 and #004 (from Psyk and CLR boss Chris Liebing respectively). Another highlight for me is Tommy Four Seven‘s first appearance on the podcast series with an excellent mix, which you can listen to below:

Being a limited run of white labels, the nature of this release is both one of transient temporality and of ceremonious coming-of-age. The sheer breadth and depth of the podcast series is enough to push my curiosity over the edge on what 8 samples will be included in the album. Take this opportunity to explore the material in this series as there are many hidden gems and colours of techno that aren’t so well known, as well as some of the most innovative mixing techniques that the Electric Deluxe imprint has become known for. Congratulations to Speedy J and the Electric Deluxe outfit and here’s to the next 100 episodes…

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