Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside

Dropped almost a year ago, this powerful release from Bias exudes style, innovation, and self-assured quality. Zed Bias is a well established name in the game, and despite his long presence in the field this double vinyl release (the EP called ‘Stubborn Phase’, includes the tracks Reminisce About The Future, Basic Needs, Music Deep Inside, and Stubborn Phase) is a gentle reminder that Bias is still a formidable entity as part of the seemingly unstoppable Swamp 81 collective.
The track opens with a jazz-infused shuffle: agitated piano stabs with a riding hi-hat creates this optimistic suspense that takes us through into the vocal hook and a soft, but ever confident 4-to-the-floor. Syncopated pads and funky percussion break us down into a bridge-like passage of soulful piano chords, until a rephrase of the opening returns to fully establish this 4×4 banger. You can listen to the track below. The rest of this vinyl-only release is well worth checking out too.

RBMA x WHP review from the 9th of November will be coming shortly.